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Tucker’s Mid Smooth Stone Speck is the same formula as our popular Mid Smooth Stone with a small addition of granular manganese which will melt through the glaze giving a nice speckle.
Tucker’s Mid Smooth Stone is a very smooth, plastic clay with no grog or coarse fireclay in the formula. This is a good compromise between stoneware and porcelain.
Tucker’s Bright White Porcelain is a very popular clay body and it is our whitest cone 6 porcelain. It employs a combination of plastic kaolins to produce a very workable, clean white body.
Tucker’s Smooth White was designed for the production potter who wants a smooth, light body without the problems associated with porcelain. It has a larger than normal number of different clays in it to ensure a stable, reliable formulation.
Tucker’s CCS Speckled fires reddish-tan with dark specks which are produced by a small amount of granular manganese creating a reduction effect as the specks bleed through the glazes.
Tucker’s Mid White is used extensively for both throwing and handbuilding. It is a fireclay-based body with a non-sticky feel. The addition of 5% of 35 mesh grog helps to make it an excellent dryer.
Tucker’s MCS Porcelain is our most popular cone 6 porcelain. It has a smooth, robust and plastic body which fires white. Although it is used mainly as a throwing body it can be used to handbuild small-to-medium-sized pieces.
Tucker’s Smooth Red is an excellent throwing body which also stands up well for handbuilding. It is basically the same as our very popular Mid Red but without any grog. The strong red colour will give depth and character to many of your glazes.
BLACK ICE is a black porcelain noted for its beautiful black graphite. It has high plasticity, which makes it ideal for wheel-throwing and modelling. Its formula is very stable and is suitable for tableware (food-safe), according to ISO 6486.
Sio-2 black PRNI stoneware clay with 40% impalpable grog 0-0.2 mm (up to 80 Mesh) was formulated for artistic ceramics. It is ideal for wheel-throwing and modelling smooth pieces with fine details.
Tucker’s Mid Red is a fairly smooth body with just 5% of 35 mesh grog for some tooth. Mid Red is a very responsive throwing clay which fires to a strong red colour. This clay fires to a strong red at Cone 6.
Tucker’s Dark Mid Cal 5 is a classic stoneware body designed for throwing and hand building. The high iron content helps some glazes to develop richer colours. This clay fires to a strong reddish-brown at Cone 6.
B-Mix 5 offers a smooth, porcelain texture and is a pleasure to throw and form. Fires to a cream color in oxidation.
Tucker’s 10-85 Translucent Porcelain is a classic porcelain with good translucency made with a combination of the finest North American kaolins. A very small addition of a white firing ball clay is included for workability.
Tucker’s 10-86 English Porcelain is a premium Grolleg kaolin-based porcelain which fires beautifully white in both Oxidation and Reduction with excellent translucency when thin.
Tucker’s Mid Cal Grogless fires light brown at Cone 6 oxidation and is an all-purpose fireclay-based body. It is very plastic with a slightly greasy feel when throwing. The absence of grog gives it a smooth surface which trims with ease.
Tucker’s White Sculpture Raku is a coarse handbuilding clay which was originally designed for large sculptures. It contains 25% of 35 mesh grog so it is suitable for pieces with large cross sections.
Tucker’s Mid Cal 5 is similar to Mid Cal Grogless with the addition of 5% of 35 mesh grog for those who like a clay with more tooth. This aids in the production of larger work and with ease of drying. It fires slightly greyer than Mid Cal Grogless.
UPSALA is a unique blue porcelain noted for its beautiful cobalt blue. It has high plasticity, which makes it ideal for wheel-throwing and modelling.
Tucker’s Dark Stone is a fireclay type body with 5% grog. Dark Stone is an excellent dryer and your glazes will really come alive over this very attractive surface.
Tucker's 124 Vitreous China Casting Slip is a very white porcelain for functional pieces. Translucent when thin.
Tucker’s Mid Porcelain 5 is a very workable porcelain body which contains a small amount of 75 mesh silica sand. Although the fine mesh sand does not interfere with throwing, it is an excellent drying aid for larger handbuilt pieces.
Tucker’s 10-80 Functional Porcelain is an excellent, all-round and dependable porcelain. Very good throwing qualities are achieved by the moderate addition of the best white-firing ball clays available.
Tucker’s 02-20 White is a talc-less clay body popular with throwers and school programs. Designed to feel more like a stoneware than an earthenware, Tucker’s 02-20 White is often used by throwers working in low fire.
Showingof 43 item(s)
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