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Tucker's A-1 White Casting Slip is a light stoneware clay at cone 6. Very white at cone 4. Excellent for functional work.
Tucker's 124 Vitreous China Casting Slip is a very white porcelain for functional pieces. Translucent when thin.
Tucker's Terra Cotta Casting Slip is a low temperature, red earthenware slip which is intended for decorative and functional uses, ideal for small to medium size pieces.
Tucker's White Earthenware Casting Slip is suitable for decorative pieces covered by a low temperature glaze. Compatible with most of the low temperature commercial glazes and underglazes. This is a very white, talc-free slip which is easy to clean.
This clay is orange brown at lower temperatures to dark brown at cone 5-6. Used successfully for decorative or functional ware.
Showingof 5 item(s)
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