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A specialized glaze, Coyote 131 Oxblood contains a chemical that causes it to reduce locally, producing a true copper red in your electric kiln without a special firing.
Coyote 130 Snowy Plum is a specialized glaze with a carefully balanced formula, creating true reduction copper red in your electric kiln.
Coyote 037 Oasis is a bright electric blue, with a slight translucency when thin, and a deep mottled look over black.
Coyote 035 Copper Blue is a somewhat runny, translucent glaze that pools in textured areas. Copper blue can serve as a nice base glaze, or sometimes an alternative to clear. Fires red in reduction.
Coyote 040 Saturated Iron is a rich, dark iron glaze. Usually has a smooth, deep brown surface, but can also become reddish, especially when slow cooled.
032 Rust Brown is a light brown glaze with a mottled, satin surface. Less breaking than the Shino glazes but with more variation than the Satins.
Coyote 036 Crazed Copper is very similar to Copper Blue, but lighter in color and covered in fine crazing on most clays. A somewhat runny, translucent glaze that pools in textured areas. Fires red in reduction.
Coyote 027 Toshi Brown is an iron glaze with a light brown to yellow-orange color. Often Toshi Brown will develop surface mottling similar to wood or salt fired glazes, without those special firing processes.
Coyote 120 Bronze Temmoku is a dramatic glaze that emulates the look of a gas-fired temmoku when used on a red clay, but produces a beautiful shimmering bronze on white clays. Also looks great combined with the gloss or satin glazes.
Showingof 9 item(s)