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Coyote 074 Alabaster Satin is a smooth, not quite glossy white, Alabaster Satin is ideal as a liner glaze for functional ware. Try using it with underglaze like a majolica base.
Coyote 077 Charcoal Satin is a great alternative to Black for potters looking for less shine on their finished work. A natural looking dark charcoal color that absorbs light.
Coyote 084 Orchid is a warm purple, considerably brighter and less blue than the Lapis Satin. Orchid Satin's bright tones and subtle surface make it a perfect contrast to darker, glossier glazes.
Coyote 085 Seafoam Satin is a bright bluish green with a smooth, buttery feel. Great as a slightly calmer, less glossy alternative to Mint.
Coyote 080 Forest Satin is a solid, unbreaking green. Forest Satin looks great on its own, or under other, runnier colors.
Coyote 082 Lapis Satin is a deep bluish purple with no breaking. Gun Metal Green and Lapis Satin is one of the most popular combinations of glaze, creating something unlike both colors.
Coyote 083 Lemon Cream Satin is a bright and unbreaking yellow, similar to Buttercup but without the glossy finish.
Coyote 081 Hazelnut Satin is an unbreaking brown, suitable for nearly any use.
Coyote 075 Baby Blue Satin is a bright blue that feels warm and soft. Doesn't run, combines great with other colors, especially more mobile ones like the Archie's Series.
Coyote 079 Coral Satin is a pinkish red with a buttery surface. Doesn't break or run, combines great with other glazes.
Coyote 078 Cherry Satin is a bright, true red. Similar to the Really Red glaze, but with a less glossy finish that absorbs the light.
Coyote 076 Cerulean Satin is a deep blue that absorbs the light and draws the eye. Cerulean Satin works great on its own, and looks even better under Bronze Temmoku or Archie's Base.
Showingof 12 item(s)
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