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Coyote 103 Key Lime is a translucent green, great for any piece with texture or underglaze.
Coyote 102 Aqua is a gentle, translucent blue-green color, similar to a traditional celadon. Easy to apply and reliable.
Coyote 101 Story Sea is a deep gray-green Celadon with deeper green tones and splashes of blue where thickest. Great for any work with texture or underglazes.
Coyote 105 Root Beer is a translucent brown that pools beautifully. Varies from caramel to deep chestnut depending on the thickness.
Coyote 099 Sedona Sunset is a bright, translucent color that adds warmth to any piece without hiding detail. Easy to apply and reliable.
Coyote 108 Sapphire is a deep, clear blue. Translucent enough to be used over fine details or underglaze, Sapphire starts as a pale blue and becomes darker as it pools.
A translucent pale pink. A unique and warm alternative to traditional celadon finishes, Coyote 100 Peach Blush is perfect for porcelain.
Coyote 109 Rainy Day is a translucent bluish purple, pooling to blue where thickest and sometimes breaking gray where thinnest.
Coyote 104 Peacock Green is a deep translucent green, which pools to a cloudy blue where thickest. Peacock Green is not recommended for food ware, as it can change color when exposed to acids such as lemon or vinegar.
Coyote 107 Night Sky is a translucent greenish gray, which develops a blue haze where it is thickest.
Coyote 098 Dusty Rose is a translucent pink that won't cover underglaze. Develops a slightly bluish haze where thickest. Great for any application, though colors show best on white clays.
Coyote 106 Sunshine Yellow is a bright, translucent yellow.
Showingof 12 item(s)