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SDS Listing:

Note: This list is being populated. Many SDS have been already been added to the applicable product listing itself (especially glazes), please check the product listing if you cannot find the SDS you are looking for here, or, contact us directly.

Ceramic Ingredients & Oxides

Alberta Slip, Alumina Calcined, Alumina Hydrate, Barium Carbonate, Barnard Slip (substitute), Bentonite, Black Iron Oxide, Bone Ash, Borax, Boric Acid, Burnt Umber, Chromium Oxide, Cobalt Carbonate, Cobalt Oxide, Copper Carbonate, Copper Oxide Black, Cornwall Stone (substitute), Cryolite, Diamond Kaolin, Dolomite, Fabi Talc, Feldspar Potash (Custer), Feldspar Potash (G200 EU), Feldspar Potash (Mahavir), Gillespie Borate, Gerstley Borate, Grog Mulcoa Kaolin, Gum CMC #7 Powder, Hydro-Stone Plaster, Feldspar Soda (Minspar 200), Hydrocal Plaster, Ilmenite, Iron Chromate, Kyanite, Lithium Carbonate, Macaloid, Magnesium Carbonate, Magnesium Sulphate (Epsom Salts), Manganese Dioxide, Manganese Granular, Nepheline Syenite, Nickel Carbonate, Nickel Oxide, Petalite, Pottery Plaster #1, Ravenscrag Slip, Red Iron Oxide, Rutile, Silica (Flint), Silicon Carbide, Soda Ash (Light), Spanish Red Iron Oxide, Spodumene (substitute), Strontium Carbonate, Tin Oxide, Titanium Dioxide, VeeGum T, Whiting, Wollastonite, Yellow Ochre, Zinc Oxide (Calcined), Zirconium Silicate,

Dry Clays

Bell Dark Ball Clay, C&C Ball Clay, EP Kaolin, Fire Red, Foundry Hill Creme, Goldart, Grolleg Kaolin, Hawthorn 50M, Kentucky Stone, Old Mine #4, Redart, Redstone, Tile Clay #6,


Ferro Frit 3134, Ferro Frit 3249, Ferro Frit 3292, Fusion Frit F-12, Fusion Frit F-19, Fusion Frit F-2, Fusion Frit F-75, 

Glazes - Spectrum

Spectrum Stoneware Glaze Cone 4/6 1100 Series,  Spectrum Underglazes 500 Series,

Glazes - Tucker's

601T Ultra Clear, 602T Porcelain Clear, 613T Nougat, 614T Cream Semi Gloss, 615T Dark Gloss Blue, 616T Midnight Blue, 619T Alfred Blue, 625T Joseph's Green, 626T Apple Green, 629T Oatmeal, 630T Caramel, 635T Soft Yellow Speck, 641T Purple Grey, 643T Gun Metal, 644T Black, 648T Oilspot, 649T Burgundy, 650T Celadon, 651T Misty Mountain Blue, 652T Ice Blue, 653T Whitesnake, 654T Snowflake, 655T Lizard Skin, 656T Mudslide, 657T Melted Moss, 658T Sapphire Swirl, 670T Bone, 671T Lou's Blue, 672T Copper Green, 673T Falls Creek Shino, 674T Floating Blue, 675T Peacock, 677T Spearmint, 678T Variegated Blue, 679T Variegated Slate Blue, 680T Iron Red, 681T Floating Rose, 682T Real Red, 683T Light Red, 699T Gloss White


Mason Stains, Spectrum Ceramic Stains,

Liquid Ingredients & Aids

Burma Rubber Liquid Latex, Darvan #7, Gum Solution, Magic Mender High Fire, Magic Mender Low Fire, Mold Soap, Reed Wax Resist, Sodium Silicate, SuspendAid, Wax Resist


Rub n' Buff, Underglaze Chalk - Chysanthos


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