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On paper, Fusion F-12 has a very similar chemistry to 3134.
Frit 3134 consists of sodium, calcium and boron and is typically used in both transparent and opaque glazes. (also see Fusion Frit F-12 as a replacement - linked below.
Ferro Frit 3249 is a low expansion leadless magnesia borosilicate frit. This type of frit is the most effective way to reduce crazing in your glazes.
Frit 3195 contains sodium, calcium and boron. It is used in satin, earthenware glazes.
On paper, Fusion F-19 has a very similar chemistry to 3124.
Ferro Frit 3292 is a strontium frit. It is balanced and can make up the bulk of a recipe.
Ferro Frit 3110 is a clear frit (fused, powdered glass) primarily consisting of sodium and is used as a component in both earthenware and stoneware glazes. Currently Out of Stock, See Fusion Frit F-75 for the chemical equivalent option.
On paper, Fusion F-2 has a very similar chemistry to 3195.
On paper, Fusion F-75 has a very similar chemistry to Ferro Frit 3110.
Ferro Frit 3124 is a carbon/boron-based frit that is well suited for use in gloss earthenware glazes and in some stoneware glazes. CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK - see Fusion Frit F-19 as a replacement - linked below.
Showingof 10 item(s)
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