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Coyote 076 Cerulean Satin is a deep blue that absorbs the light and draws the eye. Cerulean Satin works great on its own, and looks even better under Bronze Temmoku or Archie's Base.
Coyote 084 Orchid is a warm purple, considerably brighter and less blue than the Lapis Satin. Orchid Satin's bright tones and subtle surface make it a perfect contrast to darker, glossier glazes.
Coyote 034 Archie's Base is a runny but beautiful glaze. Pale pink or sometimes cream colored on its own, the Archie's really shines when combined with other glazes, changing their colors and pulling them into interesting new patterns.
Coyote 011 Eggshell is a stable and reliable glaze that is less bright than White, but has the same glossy finish. Great as a liner glaze for functional ware.
Coyote 030 Creamy Matt with Specks is a favorite glaze of potters of all stripes. Creamy with Specks is the same durable off-white color as the original Creamy Matt, but with additional dark specks that add variation to the surface.
Coyote 051 Pumpkin is a glossy opaque orange with lovely reddish tones. Won't run, glossy finish.
Coyote 096 Steel Gray Shino is a deep charcoal color that breaks black over texture. Can be glossy or satiny depending on the thickness and firing environment.
Coyote 075 Baby Blue Satin is a bright blue that feels warm and soft. Doesn't run, combines great with other colors, especially more mobile ones like the Archie's Series.
Coyote 165 Rose Crystal is a pale translucent orange with large pink crystals. Rose Crystal is both cheerful and elegant. Perfect for decorative ware, especially over white clay.
Coyote 163 Crystal Aurora is a beautifully creamy and translucent glaze, with tones of purple and large blue crystals. One of the most popular of the Crystalline Slow Cools.
Coyote 161 Crystal Celadon is a translucent soft green with pale crystals. Crystals grow best on smooth, white clay.
Coyote 026 Gun Metal Green is a very runny, richly varied green that can be unpredictable, sometimes creating both matt and gloss areas on a single pot. Combines beautifully with almost all Coyote Glazes, and explodes with crystals in a slow cool.
Coyote 082 Lapis Satin is a deep bluish purple with no breaking. Gun Metal Green and Lapis Satin is one of the most popular combinations of glaze, creating something unlike both colors.
Coyote 048 Oatmeal is a glossy off-white flecked with dark brown specks. Has a smooth, glossy surface when fired.
Coyote 028 Blue Purple is a pale blue with soft lavender tones and beautiful blue crystals. Looks different in each firing and explodes with crystals in a slow cool. Treat with care, it can be runny.
Coyote 085 Seafoam Satin is a bright bluish green with a smooth, buttery feel. Great as a slightly calmer, less glossy alternative to Mint.
Coyote 083 Lemon Cream Satin is a bright and unbreaking yellow, similar to Buttercup but without the glossy finish.
Coyote 164 Crystal Nebula is a beautiful translucent glaze with pale blue tones and gold colored crystals. Check out Ivory Crystal for a similar look without the blue.
Coyote 067 Light Blue Shino, in its thickest spots, Light Blue Shino is a pale blue, but where thinner it breaks to brown.
The perfect cover for underglaze, Coyote 007 Clear Glaze is zinc-free and can be used over pinks and reds without damaging them. With proper application and firing, it provides a totally clear glassy surface.
One of our most varied and exciting glazes, Coyote 056 Eggplant breaks from matt purple to glossy green, and develops intense blue crystals when it cools slowly. It can get runny, especially when extra thick or hot.
Coyote 151 Birch is one of the Texas Two Step Overcoats, and can be layered with Licorice, Coffee Bean, or Brick Red to produce an oilspot effect. It can also be used on its own for a slightly mottled, neutral color.
Coyote 150 Blue Moon is one of the Texas Two Step Overcoats, meaning it can be layered with Licorice, Coffee Bean, or Brick Red to produce an oilspot effect. It is also a beautiful soft blue on its own, making it suited to decorative and functional ware.
Coyote 099 Sedona Sunset is a bright, translucent color that adds warmth to any piece without hiding detail. Easy to apply and reliable.
Showingof 155 item(s)