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A deep, intense blue. One of the most dramatic of the Constellation glazes, Antares will develop starry crystals and shades of bronze as it is cooled more slowly.
Coyote 182 Satin White Liner is specially designed to resist crazing, staining, and everything else. Perfect for the insides of dishes.
The perfect cover for underglaze, Coyote 007 Clear Glaze is zinc-free and can be used over pinks and reds without damaging them. With proper application and firing, it provides a totally clear glassy surface.
Coyote 029 Creamy Matt is a creamy off-white with a flat finish. Unlike most of the other Matt glazes, Creamy Matt is tough enough to resist scratches from silverware, and so is suitable for functional ware when properly applied and fired.
Coyote 076 Cerulean Satin is a deep blue that absorbs the light and draws the eye. Cerulean Satin works great on its own, and looks even better under Bronze Temmoku or Archie's Base.
Coyote 012 Fire Opal is a bright pink with a lovely haze where thick. Fire Opal is great on its own, and combines well with both the Gloss and Archie' Series.
A mottled charcoal gray that looks excellent on dinnerware, Coyote 214 Sorcerer's Stone is a consistent favorite at the Coyote studio. Depending on the clay it can vary from almost black to light gray, sometimes even breaking blue or brown on texture.
Coyote 058 Ice Blue is a runny but beautiful pale blue glaze. Icy blue crystals appear frequently in this glaze, especially when it is slow cooled.
The signature and most popular glaze of our Constellation Series, Orion is a beautiful glaze that varies from brown where thin, to bronze, to blue where thickest. When slow cooled, it is shot through with golden crystals.
*5lbs dry on sale now!*
A brown glaze with blue tones when cooled quickly, and bronze tones when slow cooled. Looks vastly changed on different clays and at different thicknesses.
*5lbs dry on sale now!*
Coyote 044 Green Shino, a dark green that breaks to brown over texture, and has a metallic sheen were thicker.
Coyote 048 Oatmeal is a glossy off-white flecked with dark brown specks. Has a smooth, glossy surface when fired.
*5lbs dry on sale now!*
Coyote 038 Pam's Green is one of our most popular glazes, especially when combined with the Archie's Base. A deep, mottled green with a rich variegated surface.
Coyote 030 Creamy Matt with Specks is a favorite glaze of potters of all stripes. Creamy with Specks is the same durable off-white color as the original Creamy Matt, but with additional dark specks that add variation to the surface.
032 Rust Brown is a light brown glaze with a mottled, satin surface. Less breaking than the Shino glazes but with more variation than the Satins.
Coyote 034 Archie's Base is a runny but beautiful glaze. Pale pink or sometimes cream colored on its own, the Archie's really shines when combined with other glazes, changing their colors and pulling them into interesting new patterns.
Coyote 011 Eggshell is a stable and reliable glaze that is less bright than White, but has the same glossy finish. Great as a liner glaze for functional ware.
Coyote 164 Crystal Nebula is a beautiful translucent glaze with pale blue tones and gold colored crystals. Check out Ivory Crystal for a similar look without the blue.
Coyote 217 Antique Pearl is a mesmerizing textured glaze with varying shades of white, grey, blue, brown and red. The finished look will vary greatly depending on the application technique.
Coyote 183 Deep Avocado is a beautiful bright green with a slight satiny finish. Great for indoor and outdoor tile, as well as functional ware. Holds up to nearly anything!
Coyote 045 Light Shino, a lighter version of our Shino glaze, Light Shino is a creamy beige where it pools, and breaks to a darker brown over texture.
Possibly our runniest glaze, but also one of our most beautiful. Coyote 055 Opal is a brilliant pearlescent blue that varies from translucent where thin to mottled where thick.
Showingof 167 item(s)
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