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Coyote 164 Crystal Nebula is a beautiful translucent glaze with pale blue tones and gold colored crystals. Check out Ivory Crystal for a similar look without the blue.
Coyote 029 Creamy Matt is a creamy off-white with a flat finish. Unlike most of the other Matt glazes, Creamy Matt is tough enough to resist scratches from silverware, and so is suitable for functional ware when properly applied and fired.
Coyote 216 Amethyst is a stunning multihued purple glaze with warm and cool tones blending into eachother like the last minutes of dusk.
Coyote 030 Creamy Matt with Specks is a favorite glaze of potters of all stripes. Creamy with Specks is the same durable off-white color as the original Creamy Matt, but with additional dark specks that add variation to the surface.
Coyote 180 Honeydew is a beautiful bright green with a slight satiny finish. Great for indoor and outdoor tile, as well as functional ware. Holds up to nearly anything!
Coyote 217 Antique Pearl is a mesmerizing textured glaze with varying shades of white, grey, blue, brown and red. The finished look will vary greatly depending on the application technique.
Coyote 074 Alabaster Satin is a smooth, not quite glossy white, Alabaster Satin is ideal as a liner glaze for functional ware. Try using it with underglaze like a majolica base.
Coyote 080 Forest Satin is a solid, unbreaking green. Forest Satin looks great on its own, or under other, runnier colors.
Coyote 189 Beechnut is a pale brown with some breaking. Ideal for the inside and outside of dishes, or anything else needing a durable surface.
Coyote 026 Gun Metal Green is a very runny, richly varied green that can be unpredictable, sometimes creating both matt and gloss areas on a single pot. Combines beautifully with almost all Coyote Glazes, and explodes with crystals in a slow cool.
Coyote 034 Archie's Base is a runny but beautiful glaze. Pale pink or sometimes cream colored on its own, the Archie's really shines when combined with other glazes, changing their colors and pulling them into interesting new patterns.
Coyote 067 Light Blue Shino, in its thickest spots, Light Blue Shino is a pale blue, but where thinner it breaks to brown.
Coyote 044 Green Shino, a dark green that breaks to brown over texture, and has a metallic sheen where thicker.
Coyote 048 Oatmeal is a glossy off-white flecked with dark brown specks. Has a smooth, glossy surface when fired.
Coyote 047 Green Matt is one of the most popular glazes in the Matt Series. It has a nicely variegated surface that breaks from green to black.
A shimmering green that can break brown where thin. Aries changes from glossy to matt when slow cooled, as tiny crystals grow across the surface.
Coyote 183 Deep Avocado is a beautiful bright green with a slight satiny finish. Great for indoor and outdoor tile, as well as functional ware. Holds up to nearly anything!
Coyote 181 Cool Artichoke is a stony greyish green with a super hard surface and a cool satin finish. Great for the inside and outside of dishes.
Coyote 210 Ancient Iron is a translucent brown with mesmerizing rivulets, Ancient Iron can display a dazzling array of colors.
Coyote 036 Crazed Copper is very similar to Copper Blue, but lighter in color and covered in fine crazing on most clays. A somewhat runny, translucent glaze that pools in textured areas. Fires red in reduction.
Coyote 024 Blue Matt is a soft blue that can sometimes be yellowish-brown when thin. Perfect for nearly any non-functional ware, this glaze absorbs light in a striking way and feels warm and dry to the touch.
Coyote 161 Crystal Celadon is a translucent soft green with pale crystals. Crystals grow best on smooth, white clay.
Coyote 221 Phoenix Egg can display a dazzling array of colors. Under the right circumstances, amber, coffee, purple and blue tones can show across a surface, and gold crystals can even form in the areas where the glaze cools slowest.
Coyote 215 Unicorn Horn is one of the most versatile and surprising glazes Coyote has ever made. Varying from pearlescent white, to mottled ivory, to ancient yellow, this magical glaze is perfect for buff clays with lots of texture.
Showingof 156 item(s)
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