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The 678T Variegated Blue is a glossy glaze that uses rutile in combination with other colourants to make a very exciting finish. One of our most popular colours, for good reason!
Tucker's own 601T Ultra Clear - Our 601T Ultra Clear is a zinc-free glossy transparent glaze formulated for our cone 6 clay bodies. Perfect on its own or over your favourite underglazes it has been tested to be a staple in your hobby or studio practice.
679T Variegated Slate Blue - The 679T Variegated Slate Blue glaze is a glossy floating blue glaze, with a deep navy base and light blue variegation throughout, it can appear semi transparent on edges or thin spots.
626T Apple Green - the 626T Apple Green is a glaze with a wide range of possible options. When applied thinly or on edges and rims the glaze can be purple or beige, and when applied thicker it will be a variegated blue/green. This glaze is foodware safe.
The 681T Floating Rose is a glossy pink glaze. The glaze has a hot pink hue with lots of floating specks where it is applied thicker. It gets to be semi-transparent where it is think or hone it breaks on edges and rims. This glaze is foodware safe.
Tucker's own 602T Porcelain Clear - The 602T Porcelain Clear is a zinc-free glossy transparent glaze formulated especially for our cone 6 porcelain bodies. A newly designed glaze, great for use over underglaze or on its own. This glaze is foodware safe.
The 657T Melted Moss is a high gloss glaze that is green and brown. When applied thick it is floats different shades of green, and breaks a warm brown over edges and rims. This glaze is foodware safe.
651T Misty Mountain Blue - The 651T Misty Mountain Blue is glossy glaze with light/medium blue prismatic colouring.
654T Snowflake - The 654T Snowflake glaze is an off-white higher profile crawling glaze. The glaze separates into larger crawl sections the thicker it is applied, and into smaller sections the thinner it is.
652T Ice Blue - The 652T Ice Blue is a glossy glaze with wide variation possibilities depending on application. When applied thickly, it is a cool light blue that will sometimes shift to a purpley hue.
Tucker's own 641T Purple Grey - the 641T Purple Grey is a semi-matte cool grey with a light purple tinge. This colour breaks beige/grey on rims. Foodware safe.
The 671T Lou’s Blue is a glossy glaze that is a blue/green colour when applied thickly, and a copper green where thin and on rims or edges.
653T Whitesnake - The 653T Whitesnake is a low-profile crawling glaze, with a warm off-white colour. The split in the crawl is more pronounced when applied thickly, and less so when it is applied thin or over edges and rims.
The 673T Falls Creek Shino is great way to get some high-fire reduction looks at cone 6 in your electric kiln safe.
The 699T Gloss White is a high gloss full-coverage white glaze. It holds its colour over edges and rims to be a solid-covering of white. This glaze is foodware safe.
The 674T Peacock is a glossy glaze that can be green or blue depending on application. This glaze breaks green on edges and rims, or where it is applied thinly, and it has a beautiful floating blue colour where it pools or where the application is thick.
655T Lizard Skin - The 655T Lizard Skin is a deep green medium-profile crawling glaze. The thicker it is applied, the deeper the green colouring and the larger the crawling sections are.
650T Celadon - The 650T Celadon glaze is a cone 6 version of a high-fire favourite. A semi-transparent light blue/green breaks almost clear on high-points and edges. G
The 674T Floating Blue is a high gloss glaze that is a deep blue with beautiful floating specks where it is applied thick or where the glaze pools, and breaks a lighter blue colour on rims and edges. This glaze is foodware safe.
The 658T Sapphire Swirl is a high gloss glaze with a lot of colour variation depending on application. The glaze can be anything from blue to green to brown. Foodware safe.
619T Alfred Blue - The 619T Alfred Blue is a glossy medium-blue glaze. The use of both cobalt and copper oxides gives the glaze a unique timeless hue.
Tucker's own 614T Cream Semi Gloss - The 614T Cream Semi Gloss is a semi-matte off-white glaze that gives reduction looks in an electric kiln.
The 672T Copper Green glaze is a high gloss, semi-transparent green glaze. It is a deeper medium green where it is thicker and where it pools, and a lighter and more transparent green on edges and rims. This glaze is foodware safe.
649T Burgundy - The 649T Burgundy is a wine-coloured glossy glaze. When going over edges or rims the colour breaks into a lighter burgundy colour, and where it is thickest it is a vivid colouring.
Showingof 40 item(s)
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