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The Orange Absorbent pop-up sponge is the perfect throwing sponge. More absorbent than the White Finishing and the Blue Workhorse, it is the sponge Michael Sherrill uses for throwing.
This sponge is excellent for finishing work, final detail and clean-up of surfaces and won’t pull out grog or other materials in the clay body. Think of it like a chamois sponge.
A smooth synthetic sponge ideal for throwing.
A great all-purpose pop-up sponge made of an open cell material that is very absorbent. Shaped like a potters rib to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand.
The Elephant Ear Sponge is a flat sponge with a fine, varied texture used for throwing, hand building, cleanup, and glaze application. Size varies from 4" to 5".
Silk sea sponges have a fine, porous texture. Highly absorbent and durable, silk sponges are great for small detailed areas and are useful in glaze applications such as stippling. A great natural sponge! Size varies from 3" to 4".
A smooth synthetic sponge ideal for throwing.
Takes the water out beyond your reach. X-Sponge II features a replacement sponge head.
Gets way down inside without gouging! The special hardware attaching the sponge protects your piece and can easily hold your favorite sponge in place.
Replacement Sponges for the X-Sponge II. Sold two per pack. These sponges can be interchangeable with the X-Sponge 3 Slim handle.
Showingof 10 item(s)
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