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Coyote 009 Croc Blue dark greyish blue, black where thinnest. Croc Blue is the original Coyote Mottled Series glaze, and looks especially nice when slow cooled or paired with the Archie's Series.
Coyote 016 Mottled Blue is a base of black that turns a deep and variegated cobalt blue where thick.
Coyote 012 Fire Opal is a bright pink with a lovely haze where thick. Fire Opal is great on its own, and combines well with both the Gloss and Archie' Series.
Coyote 021 Sunset Pink is an intense mottled pink, with a paler pink haze where thick. Provides a smooth and glossy finish with a subtle intensity.
Coyote 038 Pam's Green is one of our most popular glazes, especially when combined with the Archie's Base. A deep, mottled green with a rich variegated surface.
Coyote 004 Cactus Green is a deep mottled green, suitable for functional ware. Cactus Green will sometimes cause the glazes in the Archie's series to flash bright pink, making it an exciting choice for combinations.
Coyote 070 Pam's Blue is mottled greyish blue. Provides the same surface variety as Pam's Green, but with a less intense color.
Coyote 066 JB's Brown is a rich, unbreaking brown. Where thickest, it develops a slight purplish haze.
Showingof 8 item(s)
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