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Shape 1 is a Mudtools best seller. Not too big and not too small. It's just right. The traditional kidney-shaped rib is the most universally recognized pottery tool. It fits well in the hand and is useful for sculpting, hand building and throwing clay. 
Shape 3 is 5" wide and gives a good sweep across the clay. This is a good rib if you throw larger objects. Michael Sherrill uses the Green Medium or Blue Firm because they are stiffer and bite into the clay.
Japanese inspired & reimagined, as the name implies, we think this trim tool does it all.
Used for shaping, smoothing and trimming pottery shapes. The steel scrapers (S) are made from thin flexible spring stainless steel.
Shape 2 is the firstborn in the Mudtools family. It is a remake of Michael Sherrill’s favorite old rib and a workhorse for throwing, smoothing and compressing.
Shape 0 is Mudtools smallest rib and one of their best sellers. The traditional kidney-shape is the most universally recognized clay tool.  These little ribs can get into tight places and are good for detail work. 
Xiem Studio Tools innovative peel-and-stick self-adhesive foam trimming bat is ideal for trimming large bowls and plates without the use of a coil to attach the piece to the wheel head.
The Bulls Tongue is a new twist on a traditional Japanese gyobera. The spooned “J” shape helps you to open, compress and pull quickly. 
This beautiful functional tool by Dirty Girls offers just the right amount of tension to facet your moist or leather hard clay. Leaves a wiggle wire style texture.
The Dirty Girls Ergo-Thin 7" wire is slightly longer than the 3.5" version, but is still small enough to be effective in removing small forms from the wheel or pots thrown on the hump.
Xiem Fluting Tool Set is a quick and easy way to make the concave surface textures for both functional and non-functional ceramics.
Think of this Drawing Rib like different pen nibs or brush tips. The Bean shape is a perfect for bowls and cups, both inside and out.
Claypron by Echo Ceramics is the ceramics artist's split apron. This is the original design, created and perfected by master potter Ki Cho in the late 1990s.
What do you do when you want to use a bat that is larger than 16" and won't fit into the Bailey Pro Series Wheel counter-pan? Use the Wheel Head Extension.
Replacement wire for the Van Gilder Aluminum Wire Knife.
The Dirty Girls Ergo-Thin 13" wire is a longer version of the 3.5"and 7" cut off tools. Like the others, this wire is made from an ultra-thin stainless steel wire that removes less clay under your pots, leaving a clean cut edge every time.
The Great White Roller is 10 inches long and will facet a slab or block of clay up to 8" wide!
Xiem Batmate™ is the perfect solution for annoying bat jitter and warping. Place Batmate™ below your problem bats on the wheel and instantly your warped bats become stable. It is also great for trimming bowls and plates.
The Mudcutter may be the most useful tool that you didn’t know you needed. It’s a wire tool with a ridged bowed frame.
The Carving Bow is the little brother of the Mudcutter. It’s well suited for faceting, hand building and also handy if you work with polymer clay.
The Orange Absorbent pop-up sponge is the perfect throwing sponge. More absorbent than the White Finishing and the Blue Workhorse, it is the sponge Michael Sherrill uses for throwing.
A smooth synthetic sponge ideal for throwing.
Kemper has put together the perfect kit for the beginning potter, in or out of the classroom.
The Dirty Girls Ergo-Max 13" wire cut off tool is the mid-sized version in this series, making it very versatile.
Showingof 126 item(s)