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Used for pinning elements, making your own elements, or as hooks for hanging plates, wall plaques, etc...high temperature element wire is handy and will endure the temperatures of your firing. It is available in several gauges.
K23 soft firebricks are commonly used as the primary insulator in electric pottery and glass kilns, raku kilns, and farrier forges.
Rigidizer is a liquid which is used to harden the surface of fibre blanket. Ridigizer helps protect the blanket and also minimizes dust from the fibre. It can be thinned with water if required.
Vesuvius Super 3000 Cement is a premixed air and heat setting mortar which withstands temperatures up to 3000 degrees and resists freezing down to zero.
This 6lb density Fibre Blanket is 1″ thick by 2 feet wide and is rated to 2300F. It is recommended that it not be used on a hot face of over 2000F. This product does not contain asbestos.
This Mineral Board is rated to 1900F and each 3.3 square foot piece measures 12" x 39.5" x 1". 
Handle for Cone Art Kilns - all models. Screws included.
Showingof 7 item(s)
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