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Claypron by Echo Ceramics is the ceramics artist's split apron. This is the original design, created and perfected by master potter Ki Cho in the late 1990s.
Triple-layer gloves for high heat protection up to (320°C) 608°F.
These non-asbestos, kevlar gloves that will protect your hands from heat. They are especially useful during raku firings.
These mitts are rated to 320°C or 608°F and are fully lined with 11oz of knit cotton for extra comfort and insulation. Extra-strong, pre-serged inside seams and reinforced Twaron® thumb patches increase their lifespan.
A handmade denim cotton apron with split leg design perfect for pottery, ceramics and clay art. The Japanese cross back overlapping design means there's no need to tie, fasten, or use any buckles to secure, easy maintenance in the washer.

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Showingof 5 item(s)