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EP Kaolin ("EPK", Edgar Plastic Kaolin) is a popular kaolin due to its plasticity and white-firing properties
Old Mine #4 Ball Clay (OM #4, OM4) is a fine-grained ball clay with excellent plasticity and strength. Old Mine #4 is an "industry standard" based on its popularity in both casting and plastic formed bodies. Also widely used as a suspension aid in glazes.
Bell Dark Ball Clay is a very plastic ball clay used in clay bodies of all types. Light-firing and good dry strength. Suitable for use in glaze recipes calling for ball clay.
This is a kaolin with intermediate particle size distribution. It contains low Fe2O3 and TiO2 content for applications where fired colour is critical. It has also proven useful in glaze applications.
Tile Clay #6 (6 Tile) is an airfloated kaolin with bright firing properties yet highly plastic. It thus offers high green strength for superior jiggering and wet processing properties.
Grolleg Kaolin is a blended English china clay, combining moderate plasticity, low titania content and relatively high flux content, low shrinkage and blue-white fired color.
Cedar Heights Goldart Fire Clay is a selectively mined, plastic stoneware clay which is air floated to 200 mesh particle size. It offers excellent working properties and has a wide firing range.
Foundry Hill Creme is an intermediate-grained engineered blend offering excellent moisture retention and plasticity properties. Ideally suited for a wide variety of stoneware applications and wet forming process.
Kentucky Stone is a coarse-grained, siliceous, illitic Ball Clay known for its high strength and plasticity. Applications include artware and ceramic tile.
Fire Red is a natural, high iron, high temperature stoneware clay blend of a refractory low plastic red clay, a medium temperature medium plastic red clay and a bentonitic ball clay.
A medium particle size kaolin clay heat treated at a high temperature (calcined) with high whiteness and good opacifying properties.
Redart is a red firing earthenware of moderate to low plasticity and low shrinkage. It fires light orange to dark red depending on firing temperature from cone 06 to 3.
Redstone is a fine grained, medium plastic, deep red firing, native material that vitrifies around cone 7. Suitable as a plasticity-neutral ingredient in medium and high temperature red and brown burning bodies.
Hawthorn, also known as Hawthorne Fireclay or just Hawthorne, is a popular buff firing plastic Missouri fireclay of fine particle size and has long been used in many commercial clay body recipes.
Showingof 14 item(s)
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