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The Legend is the perfect model for schools. It is so easy to clean because the wheel head comes off. From the motor to the foot pedal, these things are built to handle all the abuse the classroom can dish out.
The Revolution, with it’s continuous duty, 1/2 HP motor, is one of the most powerful wheels on the market. The enormous splash pan not only holds a ton of trimmings, the wheel head pops right off so you can carry the pan to your reclaimer in one piece.
The combination of the Built-In Splash Pan, Heavy Duty Frame, and ridiculously strong motor make the Professional a popular choice with big pot potters. Some potters prefer the added heft of the built-in splash pan for added leverage.
The Premiere, with it’s continuous duty 1 HP motor is hands down the strongest wheel on the market. The enormous removeable splash pan not only holds a ton of trimmings.
The Steven Hill Package includes all the accessories and upgrades he deemed important. It includes the Leg Extensions, the Shaft Extension and the Silky Smooth SSX Controller Upgrade. We even changed the color to match the clay he uses.
The combination of the built-in splash pan, heavy-duty frame, and powerful, continuous duty, 1/3 HP motor, make the Classic a popular choice with everyone from production potters, to schools to beginning hobbyists.
The Built-In Splash Pan, Heavy Duty Frame, and strong motor make the Elite a popular choice with production potters. Upgrade to the ultra silky smooth performance of the SSX controller and you may never have to make another potter’s wheel purchase again.
Showingof 7 item(s)