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Coyote 096 Steel Gray Shino is a deep charcoal color that breaks black over texture. Can be glossy or satiny depending on the thickness and firing environment.
Coyote 067 Light Blue Shino, in its thickest spots, Light Blue Shino is a pale blue, but where thinner it breaks to brown.
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Coyote 092 Plum Shino is a fairly muted purple that breaks brown over texture. The purple color will be most intense where the glaze is thickest.
Coyote 068 Light Green Shino, a pale green that breaks to reddish brown over texture.
Coyote 045 Light Shino, a lighter version of our Shino glaze, Light Shino is a creamy beige where it pools, and breaks to a darker brown over texture.
A warm satin color with pink and orange tones that breaks to brown where thin.
Coyote 090 Mocha Shino is a beautiful glaze the colour of coffee and cream, which breaks to dark brown where thin. Has a more satiny finish than most of the other Shinos.
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Coyote 044 Green Shino, a dark green that breaks to brown over texture, and has a metallic sheen were thicker.
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Coyote 086 Butterscotch Shino is a neutral tone that breaks to dark brown over texture, and produces a marvelous furred pattern over Gloss glazes. A great glaze for adding warmth to textured pieces.
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Coyote 043 Blue Shino is dark blue where thick, reddish-brown where thinner. A rich glaze that looks great over texture or combined with other glazes. Contrasts great with bright colors like Buttercup.
Coyote 094 Sandstone Shino is a light brown with some cream tones, breaking darker brown over texture. Has a less glossy finish than most other Shino glazes, usually resulting in a nice satin.
Coyote 093 Pistachio Shino is a mint green Shino glaze, breaking to brown where thinner. One of our most popular glazes!
Coyote Espresso Bean 059 is a variegated black and brown color. Popular for combining with brighter colors like any dark Shino, or as a more natural looking alternative to Black.
Coyote 089 Leopard Shino is a slightly lighter shino dusted with orange-brown spots. Breaks to brown over texture, and combines with other glazes.
Coyote 087 Cedar Shino, a variegated reddish-brown that breaks over texture. Often attains a lacquer-like finish, but can turn glossy pink where thickest. Beatiful with Black.
Coyote 088 Goldenrod Shino is a warm yellow glaze that breaks to brown over texture. Breaks less than the other Shino Glazes, but still provides the same signature look. Great to layer with darker colours.
Coyote 042, the original cone 6 Shino, sold by Coyote since 2002!
A rich brown color that breaks darker over texture, giving an awesome gas-fired look in any kiln.
Showingof 17 item(s)
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