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A wiring harness is a complete kit of every wire and connector in your kiln, pre-cut to size, colour coded, labelled, and with connectors crimped on at the factory. Select your model of kiln below:
Relays are available in 12 volts, 208 volts, and 240 volts. The most common relay on a kiln with an electronic controller is the 12 volt version.
The Bartlett controller offers precise control and many features not available with other controllers. It comes with preset firing profiles, allowing you to fire by simply entering a cone number, as well as the option of user-defined programs.
The Bartlett 3K controller is a simple 3 button controller that is an inexpensive solution ideal for glass kilns.
For use on Cone Art Kilns that were built in 2021 and after - this circuit breaker replaces the 0.5 amp fuse and fuse holder system.
The Genesis 2.0 controller uses touch screen technology, graphical displays, has built in diagnostics, and can calculate your cost per firing. Being wifi enabled means available software updates, and communication with your smart phone.
Ceramic Element Lead Out Insulator Tube. 3.5” for Pottery Kiln, 2.5” for Glass Kiln - make your selection below:
Four-position knob: high, med, low, off.
Piggyback terminal connectors, when crimped onto the end of a wire, allows a second tab connector to be connected to the same tab.
A plug in connector for relay and switches.
Ring Terminal #4, #6, #10 - Specify size:
Replacement voltage transformer for Cone Art Kilns.
This terminal connection block is used to distribute power from the power cord to the rest of the kiln inside the control box. Our Cone Art terminal block is CSA/CUL approved for use as a connecting block for the main power input up to 90 amps.
Switch wire per foot . Available in 12 Gauge in Red, White and Black. Specify gauges and colour in the notes section at checkout.
An automated switch that is mounted to the hinge of a kiln. When the lid is opened past the height of the prop, this switch ensures power to the heating coils is turned off so that you can never reach into a live kiln.
A pilot light is used to indicate if an input switch is coming on - common to many older kilns.
Replacement infinite switch knob for Cone Art Kilns.
This 0.5 Amp fuse is used in kilns to protect the digital control board from power surges.
Showingof 24 item(s)
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