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Coyote 030 Creamy Matt with Specks is a favorite glaze of potters of all stripes. Creamy with Specks is the same durable off-white color as the original Creamy Matt, but with additional dark specks that add variation to the surface.
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Coyote 063 Cactus Crawl is a muted green that can add a unique look to any decorative ware. Cactus Crawl has an unusual but natural look, making it great for fountains and other outdoor features.
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Coyote 033 Turquoise Matt is a deep turquoise color, rough to the touch. Perfect for small accents, or to add a field to a decorative piece.
The simplest and most popular of our crawl glazes, Coyote 073 White Crawl is great for any decoration that needs a dramatic surface.
Coyote 029 Creamy Matt is a creamy off-white with a flat finish. Unlike most of the other Matt glazes, Creamy Matt is tough enough to resist scratches from silverware, and so is suitable for functional ware when properly applied and fired.
Coyote 047 Green Matt is one of the most popular glazes in the Matt Series. It has a nicely variegated surface that breaks from green to black.
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Coyote 062 Blue Crawl is an exciting, exotic glaze that sometimes changes from blue to green depending on where it is placed in the kiln. Ideal for adding detail to sculptures, or as an unusual finish for non-functional ware.
Coyote 024 Blue Matt is a soft blue that can sometimes be yellowish-brown when thin. Perfect for nearly any non-functional ware, this glaze absorbs light in a striking way and feels warm and dry to the touch.
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Coyote 064 Chocolate Crawl is a chocolate brown glaze with a rough, irregular texture, similar to tree bark.
Coyote 049 Iron Matt is neutral brown color with limited breaking.
A much requested late addition to the Crawl Series, Coyote 110 Black Crawl is a charcoal-colored glaze with a unique crackle pattern.
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Coyote 065 Croc Crawl is a dark, scaly green like the skin of a crocodile. Great for sculptures and other decorative uses.
Showingof 12 item(s)
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