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Coyote 220 Hydra Scale is an intense glaze that can vary from light blue, dark blue, to purple and brown depending on the thickness and firing.
Coyote 217 Antique Pearl is a mesmerizing textured glaze with varying shades of white, grey, blue, brown and red. The finished look will vary greatly depending on the application technique.
Coyote 221 Phoenix Egg can display a dazzling array of colors. Under the right circumstances, amber, coffee, purple and blue tones can show across a surface, and gold crystals can even form in the areas where the glaze cools slowest.
Coyote 219 Firefly Garden is beautiful combination of blues and greens, varying in light and dark shades. The finished look will vary greatly depending on the application technique used.
Varying from soft orange to a mottled pink, Coyote 212 Enchanted Sunset is loaded with gorgeous microcrystals. The crystals and colors vary with thickness, creating a surface that draws the eye in deeper the longer you look.
Coyote 216 Amethyst is a stunning multihued purple glaze with warm and cool tones blending into eachother like the last minutes of dusk.
A bright pink with delicate mottling, the intensity of Coyote 213 Fairy Rose is mostly dependent on its thickness. Perfect for adding a bright accent to your work, Fairy Rose combines beautifully with other glazes.
Coyote's 218 Dragon's Eye is an exciting combination of reds and purples and pinks. The finished look will vary greatly depending on application technique.
Coyote 215 Unicorn Horn is one of the most versatile and surprising glazes Coyote has ever made. Varying from pearlescent white, to mottled ivory, to ancient yellow, this magical glaze is perfect for buff clays with lots of texture.
A mottled charcoal gray that looks excellent on dinnerware, Coyote 214 Sorcerer's Stone is a consistent favorite at the Coyote studio. Depending on the clay it can vary from almost black to light gray, sometimes even breaking blue or brown on texture.
Coyote 210 Ancient Iron is a translucent brown with mesmerizing rivulets, Ancient Iron can display a dazzling array of colors.
Coyote 211 Axure Dream is a deep striking blue that cascades over texture. Pots covered in this glaze have a way of stopping people in their tracks.
Showingof 12 item(s)
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