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SlabMat is the smooth alternative to canvas for rolling out slabs of clay. The non-woven surface is ideal for working with clay and can be used as a handbuilding mat or run through a slab roller.
Duncan's Mother of Pearl Luster is an overglaze that produces beautiful opalescent colors. It is typically applied to accent or highlight ceramic wares or jewelry. 0.5oz
The Mudshark is designed to combine the two tools most commonly used when throwing pots: a needle tool to trim the rim at the top and a fettling knife to cut away the waste at the base.
These applicators allow the creation of fine or medium lines, dots and letters with underglazes, slips, glazes and wax resists. Create an unlimited array of designs. Available in 16 and 18 gauge tip sizes.
Duncan's Premium Gold luster is the brightest of the gold lusters. Containing actual gold, the luster is an overglaze that is typically applied to accent or highlight ceramic wares or jewelry. 2 grams
Shape 0 is Mudtools smallest rib and one of their best sellers. The traditional kidney-shape is the most universally recognized clay tool.  These little ribs can get into tight places and are good for detail work. 
Claypron by Echo Ceramics is the ceramics artist's split apron. This is the original design, created and perfected by master potter Ki Cho in the late 1990s.
Kemper has put together the perfect kit for the beginning potter, in or out of the classroom.
Perfect for small detail work, this Stylus from Kemper has a small delicate wire loop tip used for precise incising.
Shape 2 is the firstborn in the Mudtools family. It is a remake of Michael Sherrill’s favorite old rib and a workhorse for throwing, smoothing and compressing.
Shape 1 is a Mudtools best seller. Not too big and not too small. It's just right. The traditional kidney-shaped rib is the most universally recognized pottery tool. It fits well in the hand and is useful for sculpting, hand building and throwing clay. 
Soft, goat haired bristle brushes. Smooth and ideal for glaze application. Available in three different widths.
NIDEC-SHIMPO’s Banding Wheels are used for decorating, sculpting, carving and hand building. The DOUBLE BEARING design is like no other banding wheel; designed to provide reliably smooth and even rotation for the most delicate applications.
An easy method for cutting clean holes in wet thick-wall greenware and wet clay. Select your size below for pricing and availability.
Xiem Studio Tools innovative peel-and-stick self-adhesive foam trimming bat is ideal for trimming large bowls and plates without the use of a coil to attach the piece to the wheel head.
The Small Shredder is an indispensable tool for shaping and carving leather hard clay.
This sponge is excellent for finishing work, final detail and clean-up of surfaces and won’t pull out grog or other materials in the clay body. Think of it like a chamois sponge.
Japanese inspired & reimagined, as the name implies, we think this trim tool does it all.
Antique Gold Rub 'n Buff is a warm, bright gold wax-metallic finish that is perfect for antiquing, stenciling and other craft projects.
Duncan's Bright Gold Luster is an overglaze containing actual gold. It is typically applied to accent or highlight ceramic wares or jewelry, adding a metallic, mirror-like finish to the work. 2 grams
These small wolf hair brush are great for fine detail.
Brush #1 is 2.9mm wide and 19mm long. Brush #2 is 3.4mm wide and 25mm long.
The handles are approximately 7 inches long.
Their name is derived from the thin flat ribbon-like steel that is used to form their cutting heads. These tools give
you sharp cutting edges with additional strength in the direction of the cut.
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