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A shimmering green that can break brown were thin. Aries changes from glossy to matt when slow cooled, as tiny crystals grow across the surface.
The signature and most popular glaze of our Constellation Series, Orion is a beautiful glaze that varies from brown where thin, to bronze, to blue where thickest. When slow cooled, it is shot through with golden crystals.
*5lbs dry on sale now!*
A deep, intense blue. One of the most dramatic of the Constellation glazes, Antares will develop starry crystals and shades of bronze as it is cooled more slowly.
Coyote 176 Andromeda is an astounding deep blue-green color with tones of brown where thin. Has a flowing look in a regular cool and gold crystals when slow-cooled.
*5lbs Dry on sale now!"
A golden brown with occasional purple and blue tones when slow cooled, and a greenish blue with brown tones when not.
A variegated glaze with brown, orange, blue, and golden tones. Developed as an alternative to Red Gold for people who have problems using that glaze.
*5lbs dry on sale now!*
A brown glaze with blue tones when cooled quickly, and bronze tones when slow cooled. Looks vastly changed on different clays and at different thicknesses.
A creamy brown glaze with reddish tones and touches of orange. Often develops tones of blue, especially when slow cooled.
When fired in a regular cycle, the Mars Red Iron is a deep brownish red, similar to Saturated Iron. The slower it is cooled, the more intense it will become.
A satiny golden brown with a wonderful feel. Turns less reddish and more golden the slower it is cooled, and combines great with other glazes such as Light Gold.
Showingof 10 item(s)
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