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Tucker’s White Sculpture Raku is a coarse handbuilding clay which was originally designed for large sculptures. It contains 25% of 35 mesh grog so it is suitable for pieces with large cross sections.
Tucker’s Clennell is the clay that Tony Clennell uses in his studio. It is an excellent throwing clay which contains no grog. This clay gives wonderful blushes in wood-firing.
Tucker’s Dark Stone is a fireclay type body with 5% grog. Dark Stone is an excellent dryer and your glazes will really come alive over this very attractive surface.
Tucker’s Pro-Stone has been a staple for high fire production potters for years. It is a robust, trouble-free body that can be used for throwing and hand building. It contains a small amount of 35 mesh grog to aid in drying.
Tucker’s Brown Sculpture is a heavily grogged body that has been designed for handbuilding and large-scale sculpture, however it is still throwable. It can be used as a sculpture clay throughout the cone ranges.
Tucker’s Sand Stone is our most popular Cone 10 stoneware. It is a very responsive throwing body which contains a small amount of fireclay and 5% 35 mesh grog.
Tucker’s Smooth Stone is a very smooth and plastic clay with no grog or coarse clay in the formula. It is designed as a smooth throwing body but it is also used for handbuilding when a clean surface is required.
Showingof 7 item(s)