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Coyote 048 Oatmeal is a glossy off-white flecked with dark brown specks. Has a smooth, glossy surface when fired.
The perfect cover for underglaze, Coyote 007 Clear Glaze is zinc-free and can be used over pinks and reds without damaging them. With proper application and firing, it provides a totally clear glassy surface.
Coyote 071 is one of our most famous glazes, a true, bright red that won't quit. Truly eye-catching, and great as an accent or across a whole piece.
Coyote 008 Cobalt Blue is a deep and intense blue that becomes darker as it gets thicker. Great for any use that calls for a darker color.
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Coyote 017 Red Orange is a bright red-orange glossy glaze. Doesn't run and provides a smooth, bold color.
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Coyote 051 Pumpkin is a glossy opaque orange with lovely reddish tones. Won't run, glossy finish.
Coyote 050 Buttercup is a bright, cheerful yellow. Perfect as an accent color, or as a contrasting layer to dark colors like Blue Shino or Espresso Bean.
Coyote 002 Black is a solid, opaque black with a smooth, glossy finish. Ideal for nearly any usage, on its own or combined with other glazes.
Coyote 054 Violet is a light but vibrant purple. Perfect for adding warmth to a piece. Potters looking for a more intense purple should look at Pansy Purple, as well.
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Coyote 019 Red is a deep, intense red with less brightness and a more natural tone compared to our Really Red.
Coyote 013 Light Blue is a glossy, translucent blue.
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Coyote 006 Cinnamon Stick is a rich glossy brown. Great on its own or combined with the Archie's series, Cinnamon Stick develops a slight bluish haze at its thickest.
Coyote 011 Eggshell is a stable and reliable glaze that is less bright than White, but has the same glossy finish. Great as a liner glaze for functional ware.
Coyote 005 Chrome Green is a solid, unbreaking green. The pigment will react with Archie's Base and cause it to flash pink, making this color a great choice for combining with that series.
Coyote 001 Almost Teal is a deep blue with a smooth, glossy surface. As easy to use as it is beautiful, Almost Teal is one of the most popular starting points for glaze combinations. Great for beginners and advanced potters alike.
Coyote 025 Yellow Orange glossy glaze that doesn't run. Try firing it in a cone 6 soda kiln for a truly transformative look.
Coyote 023 White is a glossy, bright white, with a smooth surface. Won't run, works great on its own or as a base for other glazes.
Coyote 053 Pansy Purple is a deep, dark, intense purple color, the "really purple" answer to our Really Red glaze. Provides a solid, unbreaking finish.
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Coyote 020 Orange is a warm glossy orange. Great on any pot, and combines with any glaze.
Coyote 015 Mint is a light seafoam green. Looks lovely with Shino glazes, or on its own for a bright glossy finish.
Showingof 20 item(s)
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