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NEW from Mudtools. It's great for burnishing, compressing, slip trailing and more! Available in small, medium, and large sizes to suit your needs perfectly. Stock your toolbox with one today!
SlabMat is the smooth alternative to canvas for rolling out slabs of clay. The non-woven surface is ideal for working with clay and can be used as a handbuilding mat or run through a slab roller.
Xiem double-sided and washable Sanding Sticks are made from aluminum oxide grit on a firm backing. No sanding block is needed.
Perfect for small detail work, this Stylus from Kemper has a small delicate wire loop tip used for precise incising.
The Mudshark is designed to combine the two tools most commonly used when throwing pots: a needle tool to trim the rim at the top and a fettling knife to cut away the waste at the base.
Kemper has put together the perfect kit for the beginning potter, in or out of the classroom.
This sponge is excellent for finishing work, final detail and clean-up of surfaces and won’t pull out grog or other materials in the clay body. Think of it like a chamois sponge.
Mudtools Standard Green Mudwire is ergonomically designed to be a pleasure to use. The handle is made with a durable polymer and is shaped to give you a comfortable grip without having to wrap the wire around your fingers.
Shape 0 is Mudtools smallest rib and one of their best sellers. The traditional kidney-shape is the most universally recognized clay tool.  These little ribs can get into tight places and are good for detail work. 
Wire loops on each end of this tool provide a method of sgraffito in which variations of line width can be made within a single stroke.
An easy method for cutting clean holes in wet thick-wall greenware and wet clay. Select your size below for pricing and availability.
Masonite Bats made specifically for the Shimpo Aspire wheel.
Shape 3 is 5" wide and gives a good sweep across the clay. This is a good rib if you throw larger objects. Michael Sherrill uses the Green Medium or Blue Firm because they are stiffer and bite into the clay.
Xiem Mini Ribbon Sculpting Tools are excellent for sculpting, carving, trimming, texturing and detailing for a variety of materials such as water based clay, wax, and polymer clay.
New professional series stainless steel modelling stylus.
A new double ended wire tool with replaceable tips.
Xiem Interchangeable Sculptor's Wire Tools are designed for artists all levels the freedom to customize their favorite wire-tool tips combination for their specific needs, getting the job done more efficiently and enjoyable.
Masonite throwing bat from Dirty Girls - 14.5"
Their name is derived from the thin flat ribbon-like steel that is used to form their cutting heads. These tools give
you sharp cutting edges with additional strength in the direction of the cut.
Select your model of choice below.
This is the ultimate handbuilding tool. You get 3 different angles with which you can bevel your slabs for construction.
The seven most practical and versatile tools for your sgrafitto and detailing needs.
Duplicates thumb and finger strokes for pushing, smoothing, and covering up those finger marks.
Kemper's 4" Stilt Mark Stone removes unsightly lines and marks that can be left behind after firing.
This versatile tool has a beveled wooden tool on one end and a wiggle wire faceting tool on the other.
Showingof 193 item(s)
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