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SlabMat is the smooth alternative to canvas for rolling out slabs of clay. The non-woven surface is ideal for working with clay and can be used as a handbuilding mat or run through a slab roller.
Sometimes you need to make a point! The corner on Shape 4 gives a beautiful line on the clay. You also get two flat surfaces and three radiuses.  Michael Sherrill wants this one in his toolbox if he’s stranded on a deserted island.
The Mudshark is designed to combine the two tools most commonly used when throwing pots: a needle tool to trim the rim at the top and a fettling knife to cut away the waste at the base.
Shape 1 is a Mudtools best seller. Not too big and not too small. It's just right. The traditional kidney-shaped rib is the most universally recognized pottery tool. It fits well in the hand and is useful for sculpting, hand building and throwing clay. 
The Orange Absorbent pop-up sponge is the perfect throwing sponge. More absorbent than the White Finishing and the Blue Workhorse, it is the sponge Michael Sherrill uses for throwing.
Kemper has put together the perfect kit for the beginning potter, in or out of the classroom.
Perfect for small detail work, this Stylus from Kemper has a small delicate wire loop tip used for precise incising.
The Mini Ribbon Sculpting Tools from Kemper are just the answer for your fine sculpting, detailing, and trimming requirements. Available in 5 configurations, select from the options below.
Shape 3 is 5" wide and gives a good sweep across the clay. This is a good rib if you throw larger objects. Michael Sherrill uses the Green Medium or Blue Firm because they are stiffer and bite into the clay.
A smooth synthetic sponge ideal for throwing.
Masonite Bats made specifically for the Shimpo Aspire wheel.
This sponge is excellent for finishing work, final detail and clean-up of surfaces and won’t pull out grog or other materials in the clay body. Think of it like a chamois sponge.
The Great White Roller is 10 inches long and will facet a slab or block of clay up to 8" wide!
Mudtools Standard Green Mudwire is ergonomically designed to be a pleasure to use. The handle is made with a durable polymer and is shaped to give you a comfortable grip without having to wrap the wire around your fingers.
A great all-purpose pop-up sponge made of an open cell material that is very absorbent. Shaped like a potters rib to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand.
Masonite throwing bat from Dirty Girls - 14.5"
Xiem Mini Ribbon Sculpting Tools are excellent for sculpting, carving, trimming, texturing and detailing for a variety of materials such as water based clay, wax, and polymer clay.
Shape 2 is the firstborn in the Mudtools family. It is a remake of Michael Sherrill’s favorite old rib and a workhorse for throwing, smoothing and compressing.
Shape 0 is Mudtools smallest rib and one of their best sellers. The traditional kidney-shape is the most universally recognized clay tool.  These little ribs can get into tight places and are good for detail work. 
Make one measurement and you have it's opposite immediately! It's an easy- to- use, accurate way to size lids for pots.
Use this large (12" in length) Wood Rib from Kemper to cut, slice, shape and smooth soft clay.
The Dirty Girls Ergo-Thin 7" wire is slightly longer than the 3.5" version, but is still small enough to be effective in removing small forms from the wheel or pots thrown on the hump.
Think of this Drawing Rib like different pen nibs or brush tips. The Bean shape is a perfect for bowls and cups, both inside and out.
The Small Shredder is an indispensable tool for shaping and carving leather hard clay.
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