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Coyote 164 Crystal Nebula is a beautiful translucent glaze with pale blue tones and gold colored crystals. Check out Ivory Crystal for a similar look without the blue.
Coyote 160 Ivory Crystal is a beautiful glaze with white and transparent tones, which grows large white and gold crystals when slow cooled. Ivory Crystal is perfect for elegant forms like vases and decorative bottles. Crystals grow best on smooth surfaces
Coyote 163 Crystal Aurora is a beautifully creamy and translucent glaze, with tones of purple and large blue crystals. One of the most popular of the Crystalline Slow Cools.
Coyote 165 Rose Crystal is a pale translucent orange with large pink crystals. Rose Crystal is both cheerful and elegant. Perfect for decorative ware, especially over white clay.
Coyote 162 Crystal Lagoon is one of the most dramatic glazes available, Crystal Lagoon varies from deep cobalt blue where thick to brown where thin, and grows large blue crystals when slow cooled.
Coyote 161 Crystal Celadon is a translucent soft green with pale crystals. Crystals grow best on smooth, white clay.
Showingof 6 item(s)
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