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The SHIMPO VL-WHISPER pottery wheel uses an exceptional Direct Drive motor. The Direct Drive motor is a brushless, beltless motor that operates on a magnet system and is electronically controlled. As a result, the motor is EXTREMELY quiet!
Designed with the potter in mind, the VL-Lite is a belt-driven lightweight wheel. Featuring a remote pedal, two-piece splashpan, workspace, 100-watt reversible motor, an automatic belt-tensioning system and a “Lite” price.
The Legend is the perfect model for schools. It is so easy to clean because the wheel head comes off. From the motor to the foot pedal, these things are built to handle all the abuse the classroom can dish out.
The RK-Whisper represents the next generation of potter’s wheels. Responsive, high torque at all speeds, powerful and quiet. Not just quiet, but QUIET! You can actually throw and hear yourself think at the same time…
2-Piece Shimpo Splashpan 19″ (snap with flaps).
*Fits all SHIMPO wheels except RK-2’s, Bantam & Aspire
With a solid, dependable construction and reliable electronics, the Pacifica is good investment for any school, art center or home studio studio, and is backed by a 5-year manufacturer warranty! Capable of centering up to 80 lbs. of clay with 1/2 hp.
The SHIMPO VL-WHISPER Extension Legs raise your wheel 35″ to 37″ allowing you to stand while you throw.
What do you do when you want to use a bat that is larger than 16" and won't fit into the Bailey Pro Series Wheel counter-pan? Use the Wheel Head Extension.
Many try to compete, but GT-800's quality, warranty and value can't be beat. Made in California by Lagunas' Certified Craftsmen. Now with our new Super Silent motor, you may not even know its there. Capable of centering up to 100 lbs. of clay with 1hp.
The Revolution, with it’s continuous duty, 1/2 HP motor, is one of the most powerful wheels on the market. The enormous splash pan not only holds a ton of trimmings, the wheel head pops right off so you can carry the pan to your reclaimer in one piece.
Designed to fill the needs of school and studio potters, the Brent Model B pottery wheel is competitively priced, quiet and solid, and can handle 150 pounds of clay continuously.
Splash Pan Clips for Shimpo RK Splash Pan - Pair
The Work Station triples Pacifica workspace to more than 7 square feet while putting your tools at your fingertips and saving repeated trips to the ware cart. Installs in five minutes or less.
Leg Extension B for Pacifica Wheels adds 11 to 23 inches and elevates the wheel head for a Pacifica Potter's Wheel up to 41" for stand-up throwing. Note: Pacifica Potter's Wheel sold separately.
The combination of the Built-In Splash Pan, Heavy Duty Frame, and ridiculously strong motor make the Professional a popular choice with big pot potters. Some potters prefer the added heft of the built-in splash pan for added leverage.
The Brent Model C is recommended for both schools and art centers, is competitively priced, is quiet and solid, can handle 225 pounds of clay continuously, and is the wheel Danny Meisinger uses to create his towering pieces.
The Shimpo Aspire tabletop potter’s wheel can handle your most creative challenges. Its lightweight, compact design makes it easily portable; and yet its 20-lb centering capacity makes it a permanent addition to any studio or classroom.
The Premiere, with it’s continuous duty 1 HP motor is hands down the strongest wheel on the market. The enormous removeable splash pan not only holds a ton of trimmings.
The Steven Hill Package includes all the accessories and upgrades he deemed important. It includes the Leg Extensions, the Shaft Extension and the Silky Smooth SSX Controller Upgrade. We even changed the color to match the clay he uses.
The combination of the built-in splash pan, heavy-duty frame, and powerful, continuous duty, 1/3 HP motor, make the Classic a popular choice with everyone from production potters, to schools to beginning hobbyists.
This Stand Up Leg Set allows the wheelhead to be set between 29" and 37" high. Each leg set includes hardware. Great for leveling your wheel!
Fits RK-Whisper and RK-10 models manufactured after 1981 and all Master Series wheels when fitted with a 12-inch Wheel-head.
"The Seat" for Pacifica Wheels: Comfortable, supportive and adjustable. Great on Pacifica and other wheels too!
Showingof 38 item(s)