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Coyote 057 Rhubarb is a beautiful, but runny, glaze, similar to the Archie's Base but more reliably pink. Combines well with any Coyote glaze.
*5lbs Dry on sale now!"
Coyote 028 Blue Purple is a pale blue with soft lavender tones and beautiful blue crystals. Looks different in each firing and explodes with crystals in a slow cool. Treat with care, it can be runny.
Coyote 034 Archie's Base is a runny but beautiful glaze. Pale pink or sometimes cream colored on its own, the Archie's really shines when combined with other glazes, changing their colors and pulling them into interesting new patterns.
One of our most varied and exciting glazes, Coyote 056 Eggplant breaks from matt purple to glossy green, and develops intense blue crystals when it cools slowly. It can get runny, especially when extra thick or hot.
Coyote Coyote Papaya 242
Coyote 026 Gun Metal Green is a very runny, richly varied green that can be unpredictable, sometimes creating both matt and gloss areas on a single pot. Combines beautifully with almost all Coyote Glazes, and explodes with crystals in a slow cool.
Possibly our runniest glaze, but also one of our most beautiful. Coyote 055 Opal is a brilliant pearlescent blue that varies from translucent where thin to mottled where thick.
Coyote 031 Red Gold is a golden cream color with streaks of reddish brown. Depending on the thickness and firing, it can achieve a wide range of colors and finishes, sometimes including blue crystals. It can be very runny.
Coyote 058 Ice Blue is a runny but beautiful pale blue glaze. Icy blue crystals appear frequently in this glaze, especially when it is slow cooled.
Showingof 12 item(s)
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