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The Reed Wax Emulsion is an excellent resist for the bottom of your pots and for brushing accurate wax resist decoration.
When applied on greenware or bisque as a method of decoration, "resists" application of glaze, slip and underglaze.
Potter's can use liquid latex as a resist for decoration as well as a mold building material.
Spectrum’s 1050 Underglaze Base is formulated as a base media for preparing your own underglaze colors similar to our 500 series underglazes.
Gum Solution can be used to bring old, thickened glazes back to their original consistency. Gum Solution is also useful in making glazes, slips and underglazes more brushable.
Darvan 7 is a deflocculant and acts as a thinning agent in slips and as a general dispersing agent for slip clay bodies and glazes.
Sodium silicate is commonly used in ceramics as a deflocculant in slip preparation by neutralizing the charges of particles in the slip, allowing for more even suspension and thinning.
Magic Water to the rescue! Used to aid in attaching two pieces of clay, such as in slab work and when adding handles.
Brushing glazes may be altered to achieve the consistency of dipping and pouring glazes with the simple addition of distilled water and AMACO® SuspendAid.
This Glaze Thinner by Spectrum is a solution of sodium hexametaphosphate in water. It is a very powerful thinning agent and should be added sparingly.
Releasing agent for making plaster molds.
Magic Mender Low Fire is a miracle product that allows you adhere parts together and repair cracks. Can be used on greenware or bisque but must be re-fired for repair to be permanent.
Magic Mender High Fire is designed to repair cracks and breaks on porcelain and stoneware clay pieces. Can be used on greenware or bisque and should be refired for repairs to become permanent.
Showingof 13 item(s)
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