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Burma Rubber Liquid Latex

Potter's can use liquid latex as a resist for decoration as well as a mold building material.
Article number: Liquid Masking Fluid 125ml
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When used as a rubber mold building material, this product will not stick to clay, plaster, wood, metal or plasticene. The molds are durable, reusable and very economical.

This natural rubber product can also be used as a resist. Slip, trail or brush this directly onto your pottery or over a glaze. Once it dries you can peel it off and apply another layer of glaze or decoration. Apply and peel as many layers as you desire, and then remove the resist before firing.

NOTE: There is a slight variation to the formula used in our 125ml size, labelled "Masking Fluid". Extra ammonia has been added to this size to optimize it's use as a resist. All other sizes, labelled "Mold Craft", are optimized for mold making - however you may add ammonia yourself if you wish to use as a resist.

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