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This multipurpose tool from Kemper can be used for modeling clay as well as shaping and undercutting on the wheel.
When drawn through a slab of clay, the Kemper Handle Maker tool forms perfectly shaped strips that can be readily cut to length and attached to ceramic vessels as handles.
When drawn through a slab of clay, the Kemper Handle Maker tool forms perfectly shaped strips that can be readily cut to length and attached to ceramic vessels as handles.
Use these Pot Lifters from Kemper for a collapse-free way of removing pots from the wheel.
The round master bat is made of exterior grade wood material and works with the 7.5" rounds bat inserts.
This robust needle tool is designed for potters who need to remove a thick uneven rim of a coarse clay body on the pottery wheel.
This miniature set with double ends is great for delicate carving and detailing of soft clay.
Replacement Wires are available in straight or curly styles.
The Elephant Ear Sponge is a flat sponge with a fine, varied texture used for throwing, hand building, cleanup, and glaze application. Size varies from 4" to 5".
This multi-stem, short-handle Hake brush is ideal for applying glaze, slips, underglaze and washes. Goat hair with bamboo handle. This style of brush holds a generous amount of glaze for fast, controlled delivery. 2" (5 cm) head.
Used for shaping, smoothing and trimming pottery shapes. The steel scrapers (S) are made from thin flexible spring stainless steel.
Their name is derived from the thin flat ribbon-like steel that is used to form their cutting heads. These tools give
you sharp cutting edges with additional strength in the direction of the cut.
Select your model of choice below.
Used to flow casting slips, glazes and engobes onto ceramic pieces in raised decorative designs.
Compared to other Kemper wire cutters this tool has heavier handles and thicker, 36” long wire for cutting and trimming large bodies of clay.
This tool is very versatile! It is has a beveled wooden tool on one end and a faceting tool on the other!
All the right tools for your modeling and carving needs. Each tool is made from solid high-grade stainless steel and handcrafted in a variety of essential shapes and contours for intricate modeling, carving, shaping and clay removal.
The Xiem Short Cut Glaze Brush delivers excellent controlled stroke flow for an even application of ceramic glazes, underglazes, engobes, and slips.
Replacement blade for Mudtools Small Shredder. Sold as a pair.
The Bulls Tongue is a new twist on a traditional Japanese gyobera. The spooned “J” shape helps you to open, compress and pull quickly. 
This Mudwire is made with a thicker high grade stainless steel braided cable, making it stronger & more resistant to kinking. The heavy gauge wire is built to take on the big jobs and groggy clay.
The Carving Bow is the little brother of the Mudcutter. It’s well suited for faceting, hand building and also handy if you work with polymer clay.
The tool you didn't know you were missing! The Hax Tool is an exceptionally good tool for the hand builder. At almost 6″ long it can cover a lot of territory while still getting into tight spots with it’s points.
Texture Spheres are unique tools cast by hand in the USA. They can be used as a stamp or rolled in stripe or in winding patterns to create a different look every time you use them. Although the pattern is exact, the actual color of sphere may vary.
The Ex-Boyfriend is specifically designed to be a multi-functional throwing rib.
Showingof 680 item(s)
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