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The Great White Roller is 10 inches long and will facet a slab or block of clay up to 8" wide!
The Bulls Tongue is a new twist on a traditional Japanese gyobera. The spooned “J” shape helps you to open, compress and pull quickly. 
What do you do when you want to use a bat that is larger than 16" and won't fit into the Bailey Pro Series Wheel counter-pan? Use the Wheel Head Extension.
These applicators allow the creation of fine or medium lines, dots and letters with underglazes, slips, glazes and wax resists. Create an unlimited array of designs. Available in 16 and 18 gauge tip sizes.
Six different wooden rolling pins to add texture to your clay slabs!
Each measures approximately 200 mm in length and 39 mm in diameter.
Designed for cutting slabs from blocks of clay. Increase the slab thickness by moving the roller further away from the wire. Integrated handle for extra control. Cuts slabs up to 8" wide and 1/8" to 4.5" thick.
This Glaze Mop Brush is made from pure goat hair and has a diameter of 12.3mm and a length of 27mm.
Their name is derived from the thin flat ribbon-like steel that is used to form their cutting heads. These tools give
you sharp cutting edges with additional strength in the direction of the cut.
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Gets way down inside without gouging! The special hardware attaching the sponge protects your piece and can easily hold your favorite sponge in place.
Kemper's 4" Stilt Mark Stone removes unsightly lines and marks that can be left behind after firing.
Kemper has put together the perfect kit for the beginning potter, in or out of the classroom.
Easily carve small and miniature details with the Kemper Detail Carver.
The Wiziwig TouchUp sponge tools help you get that perfect finish!
The Wiziwig TouchUp sponge tools help you get that perfect finish!
Throw With an Edge and Create Matching Sets. Ribs are made of food-grade, rust resistant stainless steel.  They do not flex. 
The Dirty Girls Ergo-Max 13" wire cut off tool is the mid-sized version in this series, making it very versatile.
Xiem attachable letters are easy to snap together to form words or phrases--never worry about lining letters up again. Words or phrases can be aligned horizontally or vertically. Great with ink, paint, clay, and underglazes.
The Xiem Short Cut Glaze Brush delivers excellent controlled stroke flow for an even application of ceramic glazes, underglazes, engobes, and slips.
Replacement blade for Mudtools Small Shredder. Sold individually.
The Orange Absorbent pop-up sponge is the perfect throwing sponge. More absorbent than the White Finishing and the Blue Workhorse, it is the sponge Michael Sherrill uses for throwing.
Duncan's White Gold Luster is an overglaze containing actual gold. It is typically applied to accent or highlight ceramic wares or jewelry, and it adds a metallic, mirror-like finish to the work.
The MKM RL Large Handle Roller has a rolling design face that is 6 cm (2.4 inches) across. The RL Roller creates a detailed pattern in clay. For best results, roll the RL roller with an RH-1 Handle.
MKM Decorating Disks DD-04 are a super useful set of 4 inch (10 cm) disks designed to allow users to divide space easily and quickly. They come in a set of two (odd and even) sturdy flexible transparent sheets.
A smooth synthetic sponge ideal for throwing.
Showingof 614 item(s)