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Clay Bodies and Adjustments !

Clay Bodies and Adjustments ! With the challenges in sourcing EPK over the last several years, minor adjustments have been being made to both our MCS and 6-50 clay bodies, and slowly, organically, the two clay bodies began becoming more and more similar. The final result, as it turns out, is that now the recipes for MCS and 6-50 are actually identical. It does not make sense to have 2 clay bodies that differ only in name, and not in their formula. Therefore, we will no longer produce a clay called 6-50.

Raw Material Challenges !

Raw Material Challenges ! We are happy to say that most of the supply chain issues we have experienced over the last three years have disappeared...however, certain materials are still difficult to get and the cost of some materials has gone through the roof. Here are just some of the examples.

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