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1108 Butter Yellow 10lbs Dry

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1108 Butter Yellow is a glossy and opaque yellow glaze from Spectrum's 1100 Series - Cone 4/6 Opaque Gloss Glazes series.

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Spectrum's 1100 Series Glazes are formulated to produce reactions during firing which give very interesting and beautiful effects. The final appearance of the glaze is dependent on firing temperature, glaze thickness and the composition of the clay body being used. All of the Spectrum Stoneware 1100 Series glazes are compatible with each other, giving exciting effects when layered with a few coats of each glaze.

  • Reactive Effects
  • Variety of Colours & Surfaces
  • Compatible for Limitless Layering Combinations
  • Cone 5 (Manufacturer's Recommended Firing Temperature)

The colour sample shows the result of applying 3 coats of this glaze to white stoneware and firing to Cone 5 in an oxidation atmosphere; different results should be expected in reduction and/or if using a different colour clay body. Due to the sensitive nature of these glazes, Cone 5 specifically is the recommended firing temperature.

Please read the label on each individual glaze for specific application instructions from the manufacturer.

Click here for the downloadable Spectrum 1100 Series Colour Chart.

Click here for SDS.

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